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About Us

At The Pitchmark Group, we’re a family-run business based in Bristol, UK, with a vision of raising the standard of line marking and improving the quality of working life for ground staff.


Chair and Founder Mark Rodman has over 30 years’ experience in the horticultural and amenity sector, both as an engineer and groundsman, and the rest of the team have over 100 years in various roles within the sector too.

We invite you to learn more about our group of companies, and how each department contributes to our success.

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Our Divisions

The Pitchmark Group comprises of 3 divisions – Pitchmark, Turfix and Total Amenity Supplies.  Originally founded as Pitchmark in 2010, the company was solely a manufacturer of line marking paint and equipment with a focus on export.

By 2019, Turfix was launched as a supplier of premium quality products to the professional sports turf sector, giving Pitchmark a sales arm within the UK alongside other leading manufacturers like ICL, Harrod Sport and Tildenet Sport.  A Services division in Turfix was added later in 2019 to assist grounds teams with GPS line marking.

Finally, Total Amenity Supplies was formed in 2020, supplying a range of consumables including line marking products, fertilisers and weed killers through both retail ecommerce and trade platforms.

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Our Timeline

The Divisions

Take a look through our timeline to see how The Pitchmark Group has grown since its inception in 2010.

Our Team

Take a look through our timeline to see how The Pitchmark Group has grown since its inception in 2010.


Board of Directors

Established in 2010 by Mark and Sue Rodman, the Pitchmark Group saw the addition of their sons, Tim and Darren, along with family friend Jon Griffiths. 2017 marked a significant transition for the company as this trio assumed Director roles.


After Sue stepped down from the board in 2022, Lynne Collins, a devoted and longstanding team member, was welcomed to the board. These five individuals now work in unison to oversee and elevate the achievements of the Pitchmark Group.

Commercial &
Business Development

Dave Blanchard and Olly Boys oversee the company's Turfix division, while our Regional Account Managers Nathan Henton and Nathan Cramp carry out work under the supervision of Head of Commercial Strategy, Matt Bartle.


Steven Bailey acts as a reference point for technically-led decision making and R&D efforts.


Operations &
Customer Support

The group's Operations & Customer Support department, headed by Sandie Nickols, is committed to providing top-quality service to all of the group's customers. Along with Sandie, Customer Services Executive George Fowler and Sales Support Executives Helen Barbour and Georgina Clarke complete the team.

Business &
People Operations

The Business and People Operations department consists of Human Resources and General Management. After stepping down as Director, Sue Rodman now works closely with HR Officer, Katie Yarwood to support the company's corporate strategy and objectives by developing staff and driving performance.



The Finance Department, led by Lynne Collins, serves a vital role in the company's operations by obtaining and managing any funds as well as processing all relevant accounting. Lynne is joined by Senior Finance Assistant, Emma Palmer and Finance Assistant, Claire Bombroff.

Digital Marketing

Senior Marketing Coordinator, Rory Morgan, and Digital & Content Marketing Executive, Bill Ledbury, assist with the marketing plan set-out by Darren to communicate a consistent approach of the Company’s brand and products to our customers.



The Pitchmark Group proudly bears the Made in Britain mark, and takes great pride in every step of our manufacturing process. From concept to creation, Manufacturing Manager Joe Joyner leads the department with the assistance of Rhys Ryder.


Our Production Department, headed by Production Manager Sean Foster, consists of professional order fulfilment specialists, Kieran Webb, Lewis Dewfall and Joe Bridges. In addition to fulfilling customer orders, the Production Department ensures our warehouses are well stocked, arranged, and safe.

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