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Groundskeeper Workshop Success!

The Pitchmark Group would like to thank all of the club volunteers and contractors who attended Monday night's Groundskeeper Workshop, held in collaboration with the Gloucestershire FA, Somerset FA, and the Grounds Management Association.

Gloucestershire FA's Hamish Hurst kickstarting Monday's event
Gloucestershire FA's Hamish Hurst kickstarting Monday's event

As part of the event, which was held at the Oaklands Park Stadium, the GFA's headquarters in Almondsbury, local grounds staff were brought together to learn about maintaining and improving their sports pitches, and to learn how to best prepare themselves for the challenges that grassroots sport presents on a daily basis, from adverse weather to economic difficulties.

The evening featured a range of topics between the event's organisers, including PitchPower funding by the GFA's Football Development Officer Hamish Hurst, in-season turf tips from GMA Regional Pitch Advisor Ashley Hendrickx-Nutley, and all things sports turf products and services from our Head of Commercial Strategy Matt Bartle, including a Pitch Price demonstration from our Technical Manager Steven Bailey.

The Pitchmark Group's Technical Manager on Pitch Price Calculator
The Pitchmark Group's Technical Manager on Pitch Price Calculator

Steve brought examples from our Pitchmark division's concentrated and ready-to-use paint range, emphasising the specific reasons each one is well-matched for its intended end user. Steve also educated the attendees what each paint drum's price per litre and pitch price is. Click here If you would like to learn more and use our Pitch Price Calculator.

"We were delighted to see everyone at the workshop, and the event reinforced our commitment to collaborating with our partners and supporting the dedicated volunteers working behind the scenes," added Steve.

"Our mission isn't just to provide the right products and services. It is our goal to empower groundskeepers by giving them all the necessary knowledge and create a greater understanding of best practices by offering our support whenever possible."

Looking ahead, The Pitchmark Group will be working with its key partners again for the next Groundskeeper Workshop, scheduled for mid 2024. The workshop will take place outdoors, and if you are a club which attended last night and would like to host, please contact The Gloucestershire FA or The Pitchmark Group.

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