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Making Grass Greener & Lines Brighter.


The Pitchmark Group, a King's Award-winning conglomerate, comprises three divisions: Pitchmark, Turfix, and Total Amenity Supplies.

The business was originally founded as Pitchmark in 2010 by Mark and Sue Rodman, with the sole purpose of manufacturing line marking paints and equipment, focusing on export.

In 2019, Turfix was launched as a supplier of premium quality products to the professional sports turf sector, providing Pitchmark with a sales arm within the UK alongside other leading manufacturers like ICL, Harrod Sport, Duralock, and Tildenet Sport. Later in 2019, a Services division was added to Turfix to assist grounds teams with automated GPS line marking using our Turf Tank TWO robots.

Finally, Total Amenity Supplies was formed in 2020, supplying a range of consumables including line marking products, fertilisers, and weed killers through both retail e-commerce and trade platforms.

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