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Pitchmark Announce Fusion & Eco Lite

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

"In terms of the total package of appearance, usage, and costings, I believe these machines will be the best that’s ever been produced,” Chairman and Founder, Mark Rodman

For the past decade the Pitchmark name has been synonymous with engineering excellence, marking it as a leading manufacturer in the sports turf and amenity industry. Pitchmark is pleased to announce the addition of two new spray line markers to join the company’s existing, popular range of machines including the unique Hybrid, the Eco Club and Pro, and the Classic wheel-to-wheel markers.

Joining the iconic range of Pitchmark line marking machines will be the three-wheeled Fusion spray marker. The Fusion will mimic both the style and engineering design from the bestselling unique Hybrid, but will boast a new-styled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) body to replace the steel chassis. The Fusion includes the advanced technology of the bespoke Hybrid front wheels, combined with the adjustable spray head from the Eco Club and Eco Pro. Designed for use on a variety of natural grass surfaces, the Fusion is set to take the professional sports turf market by storm.

In addition to the Fusion, the highly-popular Eco Club and Eco Pro spray line markers will see a third machine join the family, the Eco Lite. The Eco Lite will continue with the four-wheeled design and proven spray system from the aforementioned machines, but will also replace its steel chassis with the same HDPE material to complete Pitchmark’s latest design.

Much like the Eco Club, the Eco Lite can hold either two 5-litre drums or one 10-litre drum of line marking paint, but there is an option for customers to add a 25-litre tank to the body of the machine.

Despite Pitchmark’s continued success during the global pandemic, one of the key factors behind the company’s decision to add two more machines to its range is due to the increased pricing, and reduced availability, of steel. By adding this thermoplastic polymer, the machines will still retain their strength and durability, but most importantly reducing costs and improving lead times on production and deliveries. Additionally, both the Fusion and Eco Lite will be more cost-effective than their parent models for contractors and councils, and purchase costs will be reduced for struggling grassroots clubs looking to improve their line marking across the season.

Similar to the company’s formation in 2010, the research and development process started with some encouraging ideas from Chairman, Mark Rodman, explaining that the two new markers have been in development for the past 18 months.

“We looked at adjusting the existing proven designs and reducing the amount of steel fabrication, but soon realised that would only reduce the strength and overall quality of the machines,” Rodman said.

“Instead, I sketched a few ideas out for a plastic body in replacement of the steel chassis that we’ve always worked with. Over the course of the 18-month research and development process, we completely perfected a design that will appeal to a broad spectrum of customers, right from amateur level up to the Premiership. In terms of the total package of appearance, usage, and costings, I believe these machines will be the best that’s ever been produced,” Rodman expressed.

R&D Process - Early-stage prototype models

Part of the wider Pitchmark Group, sister organisation Turfix will be officially launching the two new spray marking machines at turf management show, SALTEX 2021. The annual trade show will take place on the 3rd and 4th November at the NEC Birmingham, and you can exclusively see Pitchmark’s Fusion and Eco Lite Spray Markers at stand E125. Our team of experts will be on-hand to help with any questions about the new spray markers, or alternatively you can contact us directly on 03333 580505 or

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